Old Chris hid chocolates and thats not nice at Christmas

Old Chris didn’t think it was 7.30pm but Ben and Steve did so the meeting started.

Lisa, Laura, Maggie and Andrew sent their apologies and the only amendment to the minutes was that the hotel isn’t the Burnt Howe but the Burn Howe.

Under correspondence we received a few very nice Christmas cards including from some of those who received logs from the club. We heard from the Ings and Staveley Parish Council regarding the play ground monies we donated and the club will be invited to the opening. The club also heard from Low Wood Bay hotel thanking the club for their work at the Spirit of Christmas event. We’ve been invited to the official opening of the Sight Advice South Lakeland event.

Miss Money Penny told us about the state of our finances which look good. Of note were income from the Jingle Bell Jog and Windermere Christmas Market and donations to Windermere and Bowness Christmas Lights and a deposit on a new Bouncy castle.

The not so little Leos have been out in force raising serious cash and putting lots of effort in. Fell Mk2 is doing lots of work putting the word out to recruit even more members.

Young Chris told the club about the clubs attendance at the Ja Windermere German Christmas Market. He told the club about how amazing the event was for Windermere as a whole and how successful it was. Chris things we raised nearly £1,300 for the club which is phenominal amount. Chris thanked Laura and Thea for picking so many great prizes for the Tombola.

Fell Mk2 is forcing everyone to sell raffle tickets again. I didn’t manage to sell any raffle tickets last year and he got quite angry with me! He’s quite scary that Fell Mk2. I only write that because I dont think he reads our blog. If he does read the blog he’ll get me I’m sure. If you dont hear from me again I obviously didn’t sell any raffle tickets OR Fell Mk2 reads this blog.

Logs are going out again in January. It’s obvious from the Christmas cards how well they are received. I should have mentioned it earlier but one of the cards was really nice saying sorry for not coming to the door and that she must have been engrossed in a novel and not heard us!

Somehow we are discussing the 14 or 15 year olds that we discussed last month. Thankfully the issue was resolved quickly.

At the raffle we didn’t have a prize because Lisa isn’t here. Old Chris suggested that he provide an “in date bottle of ale that is in his car”. Old Chris told us it was found in one of his guest bedrooms. He assured us the guests had checked out at the time. Lion Peter wondered if it had a cork, members told Peter beer no longer comes in bottles with corks.

Under PRO I told the club about the web stats which included poor results from Brazil with no one from Brazil visiting the website! The UK, USA and France take up the top spots and the website performed excellently over the year with 4500 views.

Fell Mk1 is organising a do for us on the 19th of a month at the Burn Howe.  I missed what month and what it was for. I don’t know if it is a lunch or a dinner but heard something about Candles.

In AOB we heard from:

Steve wished everyone a happy New Year. Anthony Peter and Keith were thanked for travelling to Liverpool to sort out a new Bouncy Castle.

Ben (me) – I accidently made money (about £30) on the international money markets by overpaying an american supplier pre brexit and getting the refund now. Old Chris was hoping that when I said I accidently made money it was going to be more than £30. Peter suggested I give it to the club. I nervously laughed.

Fell mk2 said he had enough.

Thea spoke about how the tombola revenue at the Christmas market was driven by children. Thea has some great ideas about how we can do even better with more stock for consolation prizes.

Anthony offered the Smallwood Hotel for our next meeting I should have mentioned that we were at the Smallwood for our meeting with a new 7.30pm start time . Anthony mentioned that he might have more guests next time and Thea said they would be welcome to sit in the centre table.

Old Chris, told the club that there were 10 sets of chocolates left from the Spirit of Christmas. Members were vocally unhappy that Chris didn’t bring this up at the start of the meeting, I asked for someone to throw something at him. After a carry on Fell mk2 suggested they go to the tombola and many members booed. Chris said that was the best place for him and the rest of the members were sad.

Tailtwister said it was Christmas so he wasnt giving anyone a fine, which wasnt fine by me because Old Chris should have got one for hiding chocolates.

The meeting closed at 8.58 .