Tom got a new disease – December meeting


The December meeting was opened by Lion Peter just after 8pm as Lion Chris had yet to turn up. After a quick call to see where he was the meeting started without him. Lion Tom was asked to take minutes in the mean time.

Before anything serious happened Lion Chris did indeed rock up. He found the minutes Tom had started to write were in some kind of code.

The Ambleside lights Committee wrote two letters to the club, one to Lion Peter and another to Lion Chris. Both thanked the club for making the event happen. Particular thanks was given to Lion Anthony and the letters stressed that Windermere and Ambleside Lions is such an important partner for the event. Lions provide crowd control.

Thank you was also received from Jigsaw Children’s Hospice for the £1000 the club gave. Jigsaw said they were so proud of how the whole county of Cumbria had rallied around the BBC Cumbria campaign. The letter noted that the children smiled knowing how much support there was and the club is thanked for making that happen.

Candice Bowness got in touch about her event at what members call the “old gas showrooms” otherwise known as Messina’s/ Beresfords. The event is a fun casino night in aid of St John’s Hospice, a cause the club has helped before. It is on the evening of 22nd December and tickets cost £25.

A letter came from Blackwell Sailing thanking the club for the previous donation the club had made. They noted that they were seriously considering purchasing a new craft and outlined how the club might be able to help in the future.

The Treasures report highlighted that the hard work of members continues to keep the club on a solid financial footing.

A discussion on the organisation of the old people’s Christmas do took far too long to decide that it would be the same as last year. This includes a choir from a local school to provide entertainment, a raffle and lots more. Any further enquiries on this should be directed to the Secretary.

Windermere Youth Projects got in touch about their Youth Clubs at the Phoenix Centre. The club agreed that £1000 be given for equipment so that they continue.

Maggie suggested that a defribulator(how do you spell that?!? – Ben) should be purchased for a school. It was suggested that more information be found out first.

Tom let the club know he has a new disease/condition called Planktapacies(or similiar). There was a discussion to try and figure out what that was but no one was quite sure.

Windermere Pram Race came up and volunteers for the day were sought. Thanks were given to Ben for his work so far, especially considering the press coverage. Entries are open at Ben handed out posters for the event to everyone at the meeting.

It was proposed that the car show money from next year should go to the Lake District Calvert Trust and Bendrigg Trust.

Steve won a mince pie from the raffle and Keith got the losers draw meaning he will have to provide the prize next month.

During Any Other Business the club was shocked to find that Lion Tom had no Grandad stories to share.
Lion Noel told the club that he had two Super Lion Cups on his mantle piece. They were used over 30 years ago for competitions within the club, it was mentioned that no one ever won the pole vault competition. Ben suggested it comes back in some form.
Because Tom didn’t tell a story Ben and Maggie said they would. Ben told the club about the several expensive injections he had had ready for his brothers wedding in Kenya. Maggie told the story about one of her grandchildren who went to the doctors with a sore throat. The doctor said he wasn’t surprised it was sore as his sinuses were the size of golf balls. Later that day the four year old refused to eat something saying that it would “make his balls ache”.

The tailtwister had some fines to give out…
Chris for being late
Andrew for not being there so there was no one to fine for swearing
Ben for having no badge and being sneaky last month
And Tom for no Grandad story

The meeting closed after 10.15 with a toast.