Lions 42nd Charter Lunch at the Langdale Chase

The 42nd Charter Anniversary Lunch for Windermere and Ambleside Lions Club took place on Sunday 25th September at the Langdale Chase hotel, Windermere.

The turn out was fantastic and Lion President Steve was on hand to welcome everyone.

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Our Toastmaster was Lion Chris Amos who handled the days varies duties and IPP Lion Andrew Irvine gave us a very quick grace.

We were treated to a lunch of Vegetable soup, Beef or Risotto and Sticky toffee pudding.

Our top table featured various guests including Lion Roy Axten and our speaker Sarah Miles from Bendrigg Trust.


The food was enjoyed.


President Steve gave a speech that everyone thought was too short (we run a sweepstake) and Lion Roy gave the response including a few jokes and inviting three Lions up whilst telling us about how they helped Lions achieve various goals. 20160925_152738 20160925_152910 20160925_153216 20160925_153648

This of course was a cunning plan to get them to the front for a very special award! They were handed bags and then had to figure out what was inside eventually realising that they were now Melvin Johnson Fellows.

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Vice President Lion Philip Fell then gave us a toast to our guest


After which Chris introduced Sarah Miles from the Bendrigg Trust who explained about the wonderful work they do allowing disabled people to do all manner of activities.

20160925_154731 20160925_154748

One of our Lion friends from Grange won the earlier mentioned sweepstake despite our best efforts to keep Steve talking.


Well done to Anthony Harrison, Noel Maccareth and Ronnie Wilkenson on their Fellowship and we look forward to seeing you all again next year!