Dont throw cheese if you don’t want chutney on your trousers – December meeting

A QUICK CORRECTION – Last month was November not October.

The number of Lions were down in our December meeting and it started with a missed call to Ronnie’s phone. Ronnie did not know it was ringing and it took some investigation to decide it was him making a noise.

Keith stood in as Chair and Philip stood in as Tail Twister deciding everyone would get fined for something this evening.

The treasures report was well read by Peter and included Santa Suits, Jingling, Classic Cars,  Paddlers and £65.50 raised from the wishing well. Lion Lisa questions the wishing well figure and it turns out this is was since last month, which is pretty amazing. This started a discussion on if and where we should look to have another one. I (Ben) suggested we should all go away and think of locations, Peter said he agreed with “Tim” and that’s what we should do.

We received letters from Holehird and Staveley Play group and it was suggested that they attend a future a meeting so that we can discuss their exact needs.

In addition we received two letters from Lions about campaigns that were being run for various very good causes. We decided to give the Multi District campaign £60 and the District campaign £40.

Logging was then discussed. The next date of a log run is the 7th February and it was pointed out that there were a few trees down that we could use. Lisa wondered if she could have a bag and the club agreed. In addition Philip said we could do with another wheelbarrow and the club discussed other uses that an additional wheel barrow could be used for. Noel mentioned wheelbarrow racing and the vote passed.

Lion Philip gave the club an update about the Old Folks Christmas do. The numbers were increasing by a massive rate but the club had the chocolates to handle the capacity. A brief discussion ensued on pick up locations and drop offs including optimum and maximum numbers in cars. Expect a full report on this future fantastic event.

Under fundraising Lion Keith thanked all those who helped at the Jingle Bell Jog and gave special thanks to Lion Chris B for his organisation. The event made a profit and went very well indeed. There are many spare Santa suits and these will be kept for next year despite my suggestion that all Lions should wear a fresh one to each meeting to get through them.

Also under fundraising came up ideas for a shop and a concert. And also Tyson Fury somehow.

The club bought £25 worth of raffle tickets for the International Draw which the winner of which would go to the 2017 International Convention in Chicago. In addition the Zone Chairman’s charity this year was focused on domestic violence and Lion Philip suggested we give £100. The British Legion is also going to receive £200 in addition to the payment for wreaths on Remembrance Sunday.

It was mentioned that our new twinned club from Limoux will be visiting in January. The club will make an effort to ensure they are well taken care of.

This Sunday 2pm-4pm at the Marchesi Centre in Windermere there is a Deissen Twinning event which will include arts and crafts a long with joyous festive singing.

Philip won the raffle and got a prize of chocolate which he cannot eat, there were many members who were willing to help him in this regard. Each ticket for the raffle cost 50p but Peter couldn’t afford it and said he would pay the club back, equal as many members who were willing to eat the chocolate said they did not trust Peter to do that.

In Any Other Business Lisa had none, Philip mentioned that we could support local young peoples football clubs, Peter had none, I gave the following story “Everyone knows that you shouldn’t throw stones if you live in a glass house but it turns out that you shouldn’t throw cheese if you don’t want chutney on your trousers. Which is a life lesson I witnessed at a meal last night.” Noel asked that on the future minutes that Roy will be joining us in January and we will discuss insurance in February, Ronnie had none, Steve had none and Keith had none.

The Naughty list had everyone on for mainly made up reasons in my opinion! But we all paid up because it was getting late.

The meeting closed at 10:12pm